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Message from Fr. Kosta

June 18th – Meeting for the 3rd time, our Re-Catechism (or Re-Cat) group is moving forward to Adam & Eve’s exit from Paradise. We will also look at Cain & Able, their other siblings and descendants.
It is interesting to see the world, now populated by Man, and how quickly human ego and pride begins to create cruelty and chaos.
If you have missed the other 2 Re-Cat Meetings, don’t worry, come and jump in! The water is warm and the people friendly.
Time: 7-8pm.
Place: Church Hall; Sts. Constantine & Helen.
Can I bring something? Sure, if you’d like. Sweets, snacks, whatever you like 🙂

June 25th – the 4th Meeting of our Re-Cat will give us the chance to delve into the prelude and event of the Flood. We will see Noah and his Family and how they were saved from death. We will then compare this narrative to flood stories found in other cultures. Finally we conclude with the meaning of the Flood. Why did it happen? What does it mean for our human existence?
Once again, if you missed the previous classes, it is ok! Just come by  🙂
Time: 7-8pm.
Place: Church Hall; Sts. Constantine & Helen.
Bring a Snack? If you can, sure! And Thank you!

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