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Father Kosta

Hello dear one,

This section of our Website is where I get to tell you a little about
Firstly, my name is Fr. Kostadinos Kaltsidis (Fr. Kosta for short) and I
am the Parish Priest here, at Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox
Church in Surrey, BC.
I am honored and grateful to serve the Lord’s Body, this Church, to serve
you 🙂
Having been born in Vancouver, BC, my parents, sister and I lived in
Greece for a number of years before ultimately returning to Canada for a
better life.
Moving here to Surrey in the early 1990’s introduced me to this Parish
(albeit at a different location) where I served as an Altar-boy.  Little
did I know that decades later I would serve here as a Priest!
But before that could happen I had to do some growing up 🙂
I attended Seminary, straight out of High-School, and was part of the
Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy Graduating Class of 2002.
This was a life-altering experience, and I guess it should have been,
being a place where you receive the tools to dig into your heart and soul.
I met many great persons in that Academy, Clergy and Lay people, two of
whom would serve this Parish after their Ordination.  This I mention so as
to underscore that my service to this Parish has been a labour of love,
built on a good foundation.
Being Ordained to the Priesthood in 2006, I served my first Parish in
Victoria BC until 2012.
That was even more life altering!
God blessed my wife and I with two amazing kids.  We both learned a lot
about ourselves, serving people and following Christ.
There are many lessons and experiences I am grateful for during those six

-Educating Children and Young Adults about the Ancient Faith we live in
the Church.
-Summer Camps, Games Nights and fun events with kids of our Parish.
-Fundraising, planning and building projects.
-Ministering to the poor and homeless; preaching not through words but
through actions and respect towards those who suffer (many times alone) in
this life.
-the myriad of Holy Sacraments that bless me with the chance to serve your
I can’t list all the big and little things that really forged the life
that my family and I live now.

Lo and behold tho, here we are.  I am honored to now serve in the very
Parish were I got the chance to take my first steps in the Faith.  Glory
to God 🙂
The members at our parish here, old and new, have worked with some great
Clergy over the years.  What a blessing to continue this work, with awe in
God’s Goodness; so as to create a place of Love, Faith and Worship to The
Lord Jesus Christ.



Father Kostandinos Kaltsidis

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