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Excerpt from Sunday School Lesson.



Fr.Kosta Kaltsidis


Excerpt from Sunday School Lesson.
Hope you enjoy



…Now, let’s see… Who are these people here with wings? They are praying! They can’t believe how amazing this Baby is!
• They are Angels! In real Life, Angels have no bodies they are invisible, but the Icon-Maker paints them as winged people so we will know that the Invisible Angels became visible the night God became a baby and was born!
• The Angels always, always, always are connected to God. They LOVE God! And they are always invisibly around us, helping us to be filled with the Light, warmth and courage of God; God’s love.
• The Angel’s were made by God. No one made God, He always was alive; always.
• The Angel’s know God’s plan of goodness and love all the time. They know what God is thinking all the time. The angels know how many stars there are in the night sky; EVER SINGLE ONE! Because God tells them; He made the stars after all!
• The angels know what the dinosaurs looked like, cause the Angels were made by God before God made the Dinosaurs. Angels never grow old, never get sick, never die.
• But even though the Angels know sooooo much, on this night their invisible minds are completely AMAZED!!!
• The Angels knew God would become a human one day, that’s Jesus, to save us from all these troubles that scare us. But they could never, ever, ever, ever understand HOW He was going to do it!
• See, for us it seems easy to understand and believe; God became a human long ago, born as a baby (point) Jesus from His Mommy the Virgin Mary. But it easy for us to believe cause we have never, ever, ever seen God; what He looks like when He is not a man. When He is invisible like the Angels. And God is not just a Super-Angel. Oh no my friends! He is much, much, much more amazing; He made all the MILLIONS of Angels as easily as snapping your fingers (snap)!
• The Angels kinda see God cause they are invisible like He is. But I say kinda, because they can’t see all of Him. He is too big, amazing and impossible to understand even if you were to see what He looks like when He is Invisible!!!!
• So the Angels couldn’t understand, how is God going to put ALL of that endless, endless, endless amazingness, that He is, into a human body!
• Even the WHOLE Universe, you know space?! All of that night sky that holds the many, countless stars (though God has counted them easily cause He made them!); that night sky that goes on forever and ever and has NO end?! The Angels know that space can’t fit God!
• God is MORE endless that space! God made the never ending night sky, which is space, with all the stars! And He made it all this easily (snap)!
• And even though space is endless, God doesn’t fit. Not even a little bit. Not even a teeny tiny bit. Not for a moment! The whole universe would burst if God tried to enter it!
• Angels fit easy! God tho is way, way, way too awesome, good, and full of light and love to fit!
• So that Angels thought and thought, how is He going to do it?
• And then, on that night, long ago, when Jesus was born, the Angels saw it.
• They saw something they could not understand. A mystery. More mysterious than watching water freeze into ice cubes; wow, how did that happen?! More amazing than watching ice melt back into water; cool, look at that! More amazing than watching puddles of water slowly disappear and become clouds! Isn’t that all amazing stuff?! But the Angels had seen water freeze, and melt and become clouds since the time of the dinosaurs! They had seen many, many, many more amazing things in all the stars and planets in the universe for more years than we can count.
• But now the Angels were seeing something they had NEVER, NEVER, EVER SEEN BEFORE!
• Remember when I told you that the angels could only kinda see God, cause He is too endless, full of light and awesome even for them to look straight at? I guess it would be a little like trying to stare right at the sun. (Please don’t try it, it will hurt your eyes kids; a lot!) But it’s even more bright cause it’s God.
• Now tho, the Angels were ALL silent for just a moment! The whole Universe was silent for just a moment!
• The Angels saw something they had never seen before…
• they saw God’s face…
• and His little baby body…
• his little chubby legs…
• his little sleepy eyes.
• God had Done it!!!!!!
• The Angels SANG with joy!!!!! They became visible! Here they Are!!!
• They had to let good people know!
• They let us know, through this Icon!
• They let us know that we Humans got to see the GREATEST Mystery in the Universe at the exact same time they did!
• We got to see God! Yay! We got to hug the endless one!
• We got to kiss the one who through his lips breathes life to all babies and brings back to life all the dead!
• We shook hands with the One who made us with His own hands!
• We sat and ate lunch with the One who makes food for all the world every day!
• Wow. Just Wow!

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