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Happy New Year

Father Kosta Kaltsidis

Happy New year beloved ones!
I pray your new year has started off blessed-ly smile emoticon
An important heads up:
On Sunday the 11th of this month, after Church, all Greek Orthodox Christians are meeting at Kits Beach in Vancouver to celebrate the Blessing of the Waters and the Cross Dive.
This tradition is ancient, beautiful and it renews all of Creation thru Christ’s Baptism. Also, it returns the tradition of diving for the Holy Cross in Vancouver after decades of it falling out of practice.
Exciting stuff my friends!
Here’s the important questions tho.
A) are you clearing your calendar from now? Remember it’s Sunday the 11th after Church!
B) who is going to represent our Church by diving for the Cross?!!!
(And we NEED to represent, with a capital R:-). Message me if you are one of the brave and bold!

January 3, 2015 | Fr. Kosta Kaltsidis | Comments Off on Happy New Year

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