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Greek School / Sunday School

Alexia Zisopoulou

Filitsa Chaloulias

Evi Vouzi


Contact info for our Greek School community office 604 496 5099


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Sunday School

St Constantine and Helen’s offers Sunday School classes to children from pre-school to grade 6.

The curriculum is based on the teachings of the Holy Bible and Holy Traditions of our Church. The younger children learn mostly through a hands on craft based teaching with lots of stories. The older grades (Grades 3 and up) do various activities based on the Bible readings. Each year at Christmas, all the Sunday School students put on a wonderful Christmas pageant.

Our program has a fabulous staff of volunteer teachers and assistants who volunteer every Sunday teaching and creating a wonderful learning environment for our children.

One of the goals Sunday School is to help our children understand what it means to be a good Christian and the importance of helping others.